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 all list of ranks and unlocks

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PostSubject: all list of ranks and unlocks   Sat 09 Apr 2011, 8:04 am

All Primary Guns Cost: 2000 Cod Points, Pistols: 1500, and Rocket Launchers: 2000

Default Guns and Lethal/Tactical Grenades: M16, Dragunov, Hk21, MP5K, Olympia, ASP, the M72 LAW, Willy Pete, and Frag Grenade.

Levels: Unlocks:

Lvl.1(Private I) Default
Lvl.2(Private II) Default, M1911
Lvl.3(Private III) Default
Lvl.4(Private First Class I) Create a Class, Makarov
Lvl.5(Private First Class II) Contracts, Enfield
Lvl.6(Private First Class III) RPK
Lvl.7(Specialist I) Clan Tag, Skorpoin
Lvl.8(Specialist II) Stakeout
Lvl.9(Specialist III) Game Mode Challenges, M14
Lvl.10(Corporal I) WA2000
Lvl.11(Corporal II) MAC11
Lvl.12(Corporal III) Killstreaks, Killstreak Challenges, Playercard Emblems, RPG
Lvl.13(Sergeant I) Combat Record
Lvl.14(Sergeant II) FAMAS
Lvl.15(Sergeant III) Medal Challenges, Ballistic Knife
Lvl.16(Staff Sergeant I) Gun Emblems
Lvl.17(Staff Sergeant II) Ak-74u
Lvl.18(Staff Sergeant III) Python
Lvl.19(Sergeant First Class I) Gun Tag
Lvl.20(Sergeant First Class II) Elite Challenges, Galil
Lvl.21(Sergeant First Class III) M60
Lvl.22(Sergeant Major I) Gun Camo
Lvl.23(Sergeant Major II) Uzi
Lvl.24(Sergeant Major III) SPAS-12
Lvl.25(Lieutenant I) Custom Reticules
Lvl.26(Lieutenant II) AUG
Lvl.27(Lieutenant III) L96A1
Lvl.28(Captain I) Custom Lenses
Lvl.29(Captain II) PM63
Lvl.30(Captain III) Final Challenges, Strela-3
Lvl.31(Major I) Facepaint
Lvl.32(Major II) FN-FAL
Lvl.33(Major III) Crossbow
Lvl.34(Lieutenant Colonel I) None
Lvl.35(Lieutenant Colonel II) MPL
Lvl.36(Lieutenant Colonel III) None
Lvl.37(Colonel I) None
Lvl.38(Colonel II) AK-47
Lvl.39(Colonel III) None
Lvl.40(Brigadier General I) None
Lvl.41(Brigadier General II) Spectre
Lvl.42(Brigadier General III) None
Lvl.43(Major General I) None
Lvl.44(Major General II) Commando
Lvl.45(Major General III) None
Lvl.46(Lieutenant General I) None
Lvl.47(Lieutenant General II) None
Lvl.48(Lieutenant General III) None
Lvl.49(General) None
Lvl.50(Commander) Prestige Mode

Prestige Level: Unlock:

Prestige 1 Prestige Leaderboard, Prestige Team Deathmatch, Custom Class 6, New Emblem, New Background
Prestige 2 New Emblem, New Background
Prestige 3 Custom Class 7, New Emblem, New Background
Prestige 4 New Emblem, New Background
Prestige 5 Custom Class 8, New Emblem, New Background
Prestige 6 New Emblem, New Background
Prestige 7 Custom Class 9, New Emblem, New Background
Prestige 8 New Emblem, New Background
Prestige 9 Custom Class 10, New Emblem, New Background
Prestige 10 New Emblem, New Background, Prestige Hardcore
Prestige 11 Face Paints, New Emblem, New Background
Prestige 12 New Emblem, New Background
Prestige 13 Clan Tag Colors, New Emblem, New Background
Prestige 14 Golden Camouflage, New Emblem, New Background
Prestige 15 Prestige Pure, New Emblem, New Background

Classified Guns: G11, Kriparis, HS10, CZ75, China Lake, and Stoner(Have to Buy every Single Gun in it's Affiliated Class)

Perks cost 2000 Cod Points and Pro Perks cost 3000

Claymores and Motion Sensor Cost 5000 Cod Points

Camera Spike, and C4 Cost 2000 Cod Points

Tactical Insertion, and Jammer Cost 2500 Cod Points

Nova Gas, Flashbang, Concussion, and Decoy Cost 1500 Cod Points

Semtex and Tomahawk Cost 1500 Cod Points

All Facepaints Cost 500 Cod Points

All Camos are 250 Cod Points(Except Gold it's 50000)

Clan Tag and Emblem for Gun 1000 Cod Points

Reticle, and Lens are 500 Cod Points

Reticle Color is 250 Cod Points

Assault Rifle Attachments and Cost:

Extended Mag 1000

Dual Mag 1000

ACOG Sight 1000

Red Dot 1000

Reflex Sight 1000

Master Key 1000

Flamethrower 1000

Infrared Scope 2000

Suppressor 2000

Grenade Launcher 3000

Sub Machine Gun Attachments and Cost:

Extended Mag 1000

Dual Mag 1000

ACOG Sight 1000

Red Dot 1000

Reflex Sight 1000

Grip 1000

Suppressor 2000

Grenade Launcher 3000 (Only for AK-74u)

Rapid Fire 3000

Shotgun Attachments and Cost:

Grip 1500

Suppressor 2000

Dual Wield 1500

Light Machine Gun Attachments and Cost:

Extended Mag 1000

ACOG Sight 1000

Red Dot Sight 1000

Reflex Sight 1000

Infrared Scope 2000

Sniper Rifle Attachments and Cost:

Extended Mag 1000

ACOG Sight 1000

Infrared Scope 2000

Suppressor 2000

Variable Zoom 2000

Pistol Attachments and Cost:

Upgraded Iron Sights 250

Extended Mag 1000

Dual Wield 1000

Suppressor 2000

Full Auto Upgrade 3000(Only CZ75)

The Campaign For Call Of Duty Black OpsCredit Goes To for The Campaign)

Note: Some characters from World at War are involved, but Black Ops does not continue the story.
The game begins in an interrogation room, strapped to a chair and surrounded by televisions and other electronics. A voice (Disguised, but obviously a man's voice) starts talking, and begins the interrogation. Mason is asked several questions, then begins to recall one of his first missions. This mission consists of Mason, Frank Woods, and Joseph Bowman attempting to assassinate Fidel Castro during the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba as a part of Operation 40. Mason succeeds in the assassination, but their extraction goes awry, with Mason staying behind to protect the extraction plane. He is captured by the real Castro and the Cuban military. Having formed an alliance with the Russia, Castro hands Mason over to General Nikita Dragovich as a gift of their alliance. Mason is then held captive at Vorkuta Gulag, a Russian labor camp, for two years.

During his imprisonment, Mason befriends Viktor Reznov (a returning character from Call of Duty: World at War), a former Red Army soldier. Reznov recounts Mason the identities of those involved in Mason’s torture: Dragovich, Lev Kravchenko, and an ex-Nazi scientist who defected to the Soviet Union, Friedrich Steiner. All three share a connection to Reznov: in October 1945, Reznov, Dragovich, Kravchenko, and Dimitri Petrenko (protagonist of World at War Russia campaign) were a part of a unit sent to locate Steiner. Once Steiner is found, he leads Dragovich to a shipwrecked SS frigate, containing a nerve agent known as "Project Nova". Steiner tells the effects of the gas to Dragovich, but he wants to see first-hand what the gas does. Petrenko and two other Russian soldiers are locked in a room, then gassed while Reznov watches from a window. Reznov is spared when British SAS commandos attack. During the confusion, he destroys Project Nova. It is salvaged by the Russians, becoming known as "Nova-6." Shortly afterward, Reznov is imprisoned in Vorkuta for killing Russian soldiers during the escape from the ship. At Vorkuta, Mason and Reznov spark a prisoner uprising to escape the gulag, but only Mason manages to escape

One month later, Mason is taken to the Pentagon with his new handler, Hudson. Mason is taken to President John F. Kennedy, who authorizes the assassination of Dragovich. In November 1963, Mason, Woods and Bowman are dispatched to Baikonur Cosmodrome in the Kazakh SSR to disrupt the Soviet space program. Russian-born CIA agent Grigori Weaver is captured during the operation and Kravchenko slices his eye while torturing him (from here on Weaver wears a patch over his eye socket as his eye is lost). The team save Weaver and eliminate members of the Soviet Ascension program. Dragovich eludes assassination, prompting Mason to search for him over the next five years.

By 1968, the SOG is deployed in Vietnam to investigate the Soviets' presence. After defending Khe Sanh, the SOG is deployed to Huế during the Tet Offensive to recover a dossier with information on Dragovich from a Russian defector. The team recovers the dossier, while Mason encounters Reznov, who is revealed to be the defector. The team later penetrates Laos to recover a Nova-6 shipment from a downed Soviet plane. The mission goes awry and the team is captured. They are taken to a POW camp, and forced to play Russian Roulette. Bowman is killed by a Spetsnaz operative while there. Mason and Woods escape, and regroup with their team. When Kravchenko is caught, he arms a grenade in order to kill the rest of the SOG team along with himself. However, Woods tackles him through a window, and only those two are killed. Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, Hudson and Weaver interrogate Clarke, an engineer who stabilized Nova-6 in Kowloon. Clarke identifies Steiner as part of the conspiracy, and reveals the location of a hidden facility in Mount Yamantau before being killed by Dragovich's men. Hudson and Weaver head to Mount Yamantau to destroy the facility and apprehend Steiner. During the mission, Hudson receives a transmission from Steiner requesting to meet him at Rebirth in the Aral Sea to learn how to halt a numbers broadcast with instructions to release Nova-6 gas in American cities. Meanwhile, Mason and Reznov head to Rebirth Island to assassinate Steiner. Mason believes he saw Reznov execute Steiner, but Hudson and Weaver witness Mason carrying out the deed. Hudson tackles him to the ground, and uses Mason's Makarov to pistol-whip him in the head, knocking him out cold. Although not seen, he is taken away to be interrogated, beginning the whole cycle of events from the start of the game.

At this point, Hudson and Weaver are revealed as Mason's interrogators. Hudson realizes that Dragovich brainwashed Mason to understand the numbers broadcasts, effectively becoming a Soviet sleeper agent. Out of options, Hudson deliberately sets Mason free in order to follow him. It is revealed that Reznov died during the Vorkuta break out, and Mason’s visions of Reznov are a result of a personality disorder, a byproduct of Reznov having sabotaged Mason’s brainwashing program. Mason was supposed to assassinate Kennedy, but Reznov reprogrammed him to track down and kill the three men responsible for Dimitri Petrenko's betrayal and death. Mason deciphers the numbers, revealing the location of the Russian cargo ship Rusalka off the coast of Cuba.

By dawn, the team launches an assault on the Rusalka, with Mason and Hudson infiltrating an underwater broadcast station protected by the ship, a Soviet submarine station intended to be used as a staging point for US invasion after the planned Nova-6 attack. Confirming that the Rusalka is the numbers station, Hudson calls in the US Navy to destroy the ship and its underwater base. Mason and Hudson finally kill Dragovich in the lower levels of the station, and swim for the surface during the destruction of the targets, while Reznov's disembodied voice congratulates Mason. Weaver declares victory, but Mason says it is only for now. The story then cuts to a numbers broadcast and then to archive footage of President Kennedy prior to his assassination, with the broadcaster narrating the number sequence and Mason narrating certain numbers and words. Mason's final sayings relate to the assassination of Kennedy, for example, he says "22" which was the day that Kennedy was killed, and "6.5", which was the caliber of the bullet used to kill Kennedy. After a second play-through of the archive footage, Mason’s final words, as well as his presence in the crowd greeting Kennedy's motorcade, suggest that he assassinated Kennedy or that he assisted Oswald in assassinating Kennedy. This theory is supported by Dragovich sarcastically asking "Tried?" before he is killed when Mason says he made him try to kill his President. Note that Kennedy's assassination happens before the events of S.O.G. and after Executive Order, when Mason spends 5 years hunting Dragovich.


"Operation 40": Your set in Cuba to infiltrate and take down Dictator Fidel Castro

"Vorkuta": Break Out The Russian Jail With Victor Reznov(Formally known in the Call Of Duty Franchise back In Call Of Duty World At War)

"U.S.D.D": Touring the Pentagon With Jason Hudson, and meet the President John F. Kennedy

"Executive Order": Rescue Weaver From Near Death, and Stop The Launch of The Soyuz 2

"SOG": Defend a Khe Sanh Military Base

"The Defector": Extract the Russian defector.

"Numbers": Escape Dragovich's men with Dr. Clarke.

"Project Nova": Extract Steiner, board ship containing Nova 6.

"Victor Charlie": Battle Viet Cong forces in a Vietnamese jungle.

"Crash Site": Locate a downed Soviet cargo plane containing Nova 6.

"WMD": Infiltrate a Soviet base in the Ural Mountains.

"Payback": Escape Viet Cong complex, kill Kravchenko.

"Rebirth": Relive the efforts to extract Steiner, from both Mason and Hudson's perspectives.

"Revelations": Discover the truth behind the numbers.

"Redemption": Destroy the broadcast station, kill Dragovich.



-Studies and Observation Group(SOG)

-1st Cavalry Division


-Op 40

-Soviet Armed Forces (Project Nova only)


-North Vietnamese Army

-Viet Cong



-Nazi Troopers (Project Nova only)

-Soviet Armed Forces (Project Nova only)

-Special Air Service (Project Nova only)

-Zombies (Zombie mode only)


CIA and SOG:

-Frank Woods - Member of the Studies and Observations Group.

-Alex Mason - Playable character and a member of SOG and CIA

-Joseph Bowman - Member of SOG.

-Swift - Character in "Victor Charlie".

-Jason Hudson - Playable character and a CIA operator; was at one point Mason's handler.

-Grigori Weaver - Russian CIA agent.

-Brooks - Character in "Executive Order" and "WMD".

-Harris - Character in "WMD".

-Johnson - Minor Character in "Victor Charlie"


-John F. Kennedy - U.S. President

-Robert McNamara - Secretary of Defense for the Kennedy administration.

-Viktor Reznov - Returning from Call of Duty: World at War and a friend of Mason's who helps
him escape from Vorkuta.

-Sergei - A prisoner from Vorkuta.

-Dimitri Petrenko - A Protagonist returning from Call of Duty: World at War, this time as an
NPC, is Victor Reznov's closest friend.

-General - A character in U.S.D.D.

-Alicia - Mason's "Personal Psychiatrist" at the computer in the Main Menu.

US Air Force:

-Neitsch - Playable character and the controller of the reconnaissance equipment of the SR-71 Blackbird in "WMD".

-Mosely - Playable character and pilot of the SR-71 Blackbird in "WMD".

Communist Forces:

-Lev Kravchenko - One of the antagonists in the game.

-Nikita Dragovich - The main antagonist of the game.

-Friedrich Steiner - A former Nazi scientist working for the Soviets.

-Fidel Castro - An antagonist who is allied with Kravchenko and the Soviet Union.

-Dr. Daniel Clarke - A British scientist who formulated codename "Nova 6"


-Tank Dempsey

-Nikolai Belinski

-Takeo Masaki

-Edward Richtofen

-John F. Kennedy

-Richard Nixon

-Robert McNamara

-Fidel Castro


-Doctor Maxis

Computer CodesCredit goes to
On the start screen after either playing the whole game, starting at the beginning, or waiting till Mission Redemption. On the start screen or in Mission Redemption you will be sitting in an electric chair. Click the left and right trigger (Xbox 360), or L2 and R2 (PlayStation 3), until you see your character get out of the chair. Walk around until you see a computer and it gives you the option to click "x button" (Xbox 360), or "square button" (PlayStation 3).


-DOA - Unlocks Dead Ops Arcade

-3ARC INTEL - Unlocks all the intel in the game for viewing (Disables Closer Analysis Trophy/Achievement)

-3ARC UNLOCK - Unlocks all Zombie Mode levels and campaign missions.

-ZORK - Unlocks Zork I: The Great Underground Empire (an incredibly great text adventure from 1980) which you can play on the console (!)

-HELP - Gives you a list of commands to interface with the console—you can check mail messages and perform other mundane functions, some of which are listed below

-DIR - Gives a list of audio files and pictures which you can open with the CAT command (e.g. CAT NoteX.txt)

-WHO - Gives a list of login names for use with the RLOGIN function (but they require a password)

-ALICIA - as a code and it loads "Alicia", a virtual therapist

Login: Password: User:
jfkennedy Lancer President Kennedy
rnixon checkers Richard Nixon
lbjohnson ladybird Lyndon Johnson
vbush manhattan Vannevar Bush
amason password Alex Mason
jhudson bryant1950 Jason Hudson
tbrooks lauren Terrance Brooks
sharper timhortons Unknown?

Login:vbush Password:majestic1

Login:roppen Password:trinity


Call of Duty: Black Ops features the return of Zombie Mode from Call of Duty: World at War. It is now the only Co-op mode in Black Ops as opposed to World at War, where it was found within the Co-op menu. There are three different Zombies maps available to all players. In any of the new maps, any weapon that can be purchased from the wall will not be available from the Mystery Box.

The first is Kino der Toten:
-It is the only map unlocked by default. Kino Der Toten features the cast from the World at War maps Der Riese and Shi No Numa facing off against the zombie horde in an abandoned theater.

The second map is named "Five":
-It is unlocked either by completing the campaign on any difficulty setting or through a computer 'cheat' code using the terminal in the main menu. "Five" is set in The Pentagon, where the four playable characters are John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Robert McNamara and Fidel Castro.

The last included map in Zombies is called Dead Ops Arcade:
-This is not typical Zombies gameplay: instead, it is an arcade style shooter similar to downloadable games found on services such as the PlayStation Store or Xbox Live Marketplace. It is a top-down shooter game in an open environment instead of the first-person shooter style of the other maps.

The first downloadable content map is Ascension:
-It features the original Nazi Zombies characters and is downloaded through the First Strike.

*All of these maps/modes can be played in Solo, Two-Player Split Screen or Four-Player Online Mode. The Prestige and Hardened editions of Call of Duty: Black Ops also feature the four original Nazi Zombie maps from Call of Duty: World at War upgraded with the Black Ops engine, new weapons, and other additions such as dive to prone.*

Unlocking the maps:

-Kino der Toten is unlocked by default.

-"Five" may be unlocked by going to the computer console and typing '3ARC UNLOCK' or by beating Campaign Mode on any difficulty.

-Dead Ops Arcade is unlocked by going to the computer console and typing 'DOA' or '3ARC UNLOCK', which unlocks all Zombie Maps.

-Ascension is available for download through the First Strike DLC.

Included Maps:
-Array: A snowy medium-large map. It's center is a large "Array" communications dish.

-Cracked: A large map. It's center has 2 with lots of "cracked" terrain.

-Crisis: A medium-sized map. It's a hidden Missile Facility in Cuba with intense indoor and outdoor firefights.

-Firing Range: A small map. Favored by myself and others. It has two main buildings each team can use.

-Grid: A medium-sized map. It has many small buildings were most firefights occur.

-Hanoi: A medium-sized map. It is a prison in North Vietnam.

-Havana: A medium-sized map. It is similar to that of Cracked or Invasion.

-Jungle: A large-sized map. It is a grassy type village were snipers lurk.

-Launch: A medium-sized map. It features a large Russian Rocket that takes off at usually 3:00 minutes left in the game.

-Nuketown: A very small sized map. It features close combat and two separate buildings on each spawn side.

-Radiation: A large-sized map. It is a Russian uranium plant that has an underground.

-Summit: A medium-sized map. It's terrain is snowy and bears some looks to the former map Sub Base from Modern Warfare 2.

-Villa: A medium-sized map. A large house setting great for campers.

-WMD: A large-sized map. Excellent for modes such as Ground War. It's yet another snowy terrain.

First Strike:

First Strike, the first downloadable content package for Black Ops, includes the following maps:

-Berlin Wall: A medium-sized map. It has many buildings for both teams to use and in between the buildings is a neutral zone so anyone who tries to go through it will die by the turrets

-Discovery: A large map. It is a desolate German outpost in the Artic Circle.

-Kowloon: A medium map. Based in Hong Kong, China it has many buildings and 2 zip lines teams may use.

-Stadium: A medium-sized map. It is a Hockey Stadium that has been abandoned.


-Team Deathmatch
-Mercenary Moshpit
-Mercenary Team Deathmatch
-Free for All
-Ground War
-Capture the Flag
-Search and Destroy
-Team Tactical
-Nuketown 24/7(Only Double XP Weekend)

-Team Tactical

-Hardcore Team Deathmatch
-Hardcore Search and Destroy
-Hardcore Free for All
-Hardcore Headquarters
-Hardcore Capture the Flag

-Prestige Team Deathmatch
-Prestige Hardcore
-Prestige Pure

First Strike:
-Team Deathmatch
-Search and Destroy
-Mosh Pit

Combat Training:

-Combat Training is a new Game-mode in which players battle against AI opponents. It is intended to help players who are new to multiplayer or players who want to try out new tactics. Players can adjust the AI opponents difficulty to Recruit, Regular, Hardened or Veteran much like the single-player campaign. Higher difficulty settings increase the AI's ability to detect others and fire. Recruit and Regular AIs react poorly or not at all to be fired upon, and are unaware of players sneaking up on them. They aim slowly onto their target, firing slowly. Hardened and Veteran AI use all their resources to detect enemies, and aim and fire quickly upon targets. Combat Training can be useful for trying new loadouts, as it is easy to get a lot of kills, getting high killstreaks that are normally difficult to acquire in multiplayer, and consequently a lot of money and XP by playing with a large amount of AI on a low difficulty setting, on a small map such as Nuketown or Firing Range.Combat Training is a great way to try new tactics, weapons etc.


-Contracts are a new system in addition to the classic challenge system in Black Ops. A player is able to buy a contract with CoD Points, which will then direct them to complete an object. Completion of a contract will yield a higher CoD point payout than what was originally paid for the contract itself.

Wager Matches:

-A new mode with a separate ranking structure than the standard online modes allows players to gamble with their money. However, only the top three will receive the prize. They will be able to choose the buy in of 10, 1000 or 10000, and also which game mode to play of following (when buying in with 10000, the game mode is random):

-One in the Chamber - each player is given a pistol with one bullet and a knife. For each kill achieved the player will receive one more bullet. However, each player will only have three lives.

-Sharpshooter - all players are given the same weapon, selected randomly. Every 45 seconds, a new weapon is selected at random and used by all. Kills will award the player with perks and score multipliers.

-Sticks and Stones - each player receives only a crossbow, ballistic knife, and a tomahawk. The catch in this game mode is that if a player is killed with a tomahawk they lose all their points.

-Gun Game - players start out with a pistol. For each kill with their main weapon players move up a level, granting them a better gun. First person to achieve kills with all 20 weapons wins. However, someone who is knifed will move down a level.

Create a Class:

Create a Class in Black Ops.
Added by N7

-Create-A-Class 2.0 allows players to customize their appearance in addition to their load-out. Players may see what their character looks like while choosing a class, as the player's basic appearance will be determined by their Tier 1 Perk and their faction. Players are also able to choose a Face Paint pattern.

Some sights such as the Red Dot Sight can use custom reticles which includes choice of shape, as with lens and shape colors.

Gun camouflages are far more numerous than in previous Call of Duty games.

Players now have the ability to engrave Clan Tags and Emblems onto their guns.

Perks and Killstreaks:

Tier 1: Lightweight, Scavenger, Flak Jacket, Ghost, and Hardline

Tier 2: Hardened, Scout, Steady Aim, Sleight of Hand, and Warlord

Tier 3: Tactical Mask, Marathon, Ninja, Second Chance, and Hacker


Spy Plane: 3

RC-XD: 3

Counter-Spy Plane: 4

Sam Turret: 4

Care Package: 5

Napalm Strike: 5

Sentry Gun: 6

Mortar Team: 6

Attack Helicopter: 7

Valkyrie Rockets: 7

Blackbird: 8

Rolling Thunder: 8

Chopper Gunner: 9

Attack Dogs: 11

Gunship: 11
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all list of ranks and unlocks
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